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While Momo lived in NYC, he was searching for a balance to the hectic lifestyle of Big Apple and this is where he first visited a yoga class. Since then, he has deepened his practice constantly and did his first 200 hours Hatha Yoga TTC in India in 2010. With his work as body worker and kinesiologist, he has always been fascinated by the holistic approach in health. This is why he has learned new techniques and done a second 200 hours TTC in Ashtanga Yoga. Meanwhile, he moved to Zurich and lives enchanted in the “NOW”, he is happy to offer his services and practice as energy healer and in meditation.


Soraya & Momo are friends since childhood. Their deep friendship, the common travels and their similar trajectory have welded them together. Through their connection, the two offer a harmonious meditative and dynamic yoga class.


The word «Yoga» goes far beyond the physical practice, like a vast ocean and the different Yoga aspects play an important role in her life. As an open-minded person, she has always been interested in different cultures and spent different chapters of her life in various corner of the globe. Living in metropoles like Seoul and NYC, she realized how important the inner calm and balance are for an equilibrated life. Trying different yoga styles for over 10 years, she did a 200 h Vinyasa Yoga TTC in India 2016. She is interested in energy and body work. Her curiosity brings her to new projects that allow to refine her practice. She likes to combine her classes with sound healing with singing bowls, elements of kundalini yoga and aromatherapy.